Building Fund Donations


 John Maniatakos Easton, PA 

 George Veroutis Hamilton,Ontario. CA

 Jim Grivas London, Ontario, CA

 Nick Roumanis Kingston, Ontario, CA

 Tony Karounos Monroe, NY

 John Mauroukas Albany, NY

 Dino Gavaras Montreal, CA

 Tom Skoppas Stafford, CT

 Peter Arniotis Queens, NY

 Nick Kalamaras Astoria, NY

 George Byuyokous Fort Lee, NJ

 Jim Sakkas Paramus, NJ

 Steve Hartofillis Clifton, NJ

 Nick Morfogenis Montreal, CA

 Peter Roupas Clinton, NJ

 Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.


 Memorial for Theodore Kastrinakis 

    Victoria Kastrinakis


 Memorial for Nicholas Scebes 

    Vaso Scebes




On Sunday November 15th 2015 our Annunciation Community attended our General Assembly the  plans were shown by Nick Nicolaou. He has worked together with our Parish Council to bring this to fruition. Of the 43 in attendance unanimously voted  YES! go forward with this project. This marks the beginning of a new and exciting era for our Parish. Heartfelt appreciation is extended to many whose support through contributions and pledges will make this history-making event a reality!