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Parish Clergy
Rev. Fr. Constantine Papadopoulos

καλώς ορίσατε

"Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." - Romans 15:7

Through this web site, we are pleased to be able to introduce you to that same worship and fellowship as it is expressed in the life of our Parish. If you are a new member of our parish, or are considering membership, these web pages will acquaint you with what our parish offers to those who give it support and sustenance; to those who already belong to the church, we hope they will provide you with the assurance that your sacrificial offerings are received with profound respect, and are utilized to maximum effectiveness. They will, in any case, enable you to make the informed decisions that are necessary for a meaningful relationship with your church!

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Worship Schedule


We meet for worship every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM followed by a fellowship coffee hour in our community center. 

Sunday Services


Orthros/Matins: 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy: 10:00 AM

Weekly Services


Orthros/Matins: 9:00 AM

Divine Liturgy: 10:00 AM


For further information about our schedule of services please contact our Church office Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

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Dearly beloved in the Lord:

As Christians, we believe that God is the Giver of all good things. As stewards of God;s gifts' we return to Him a portion of our Time, Talent and Treasure for Christ's work on earth through His Church. The Christian Orthodox Stewardship program of Church support is an opportunity to respond to Christ's love by perpetuating our Church's sacred mission. To fulfill the Church's mission, we must commit oursolves to bear our faithful share in the financial support to our Church's expenses on a Parish, metrpolis and Archdiocese. Stewardship places the responsibility to support the Church exactly where it belongs, on each of us. Money is a necessary tool for ministry. Our ultimate goal is to raise our entire operating budget from Stewrdship. We have learned from the past that we cannot depend on special affairs to meet our budget. This would enable us to spend our time in doing the work of the Church and using fund~raisers for special projects and Building Fund.


FOOF VESTIVAL 2015 it is with much appreciation that we thank all the young and the experienced that worked diligently for the success of the GFF 2015. You have been so generous in donating your time and talents and we Thank God for all your love and dedication to  our parish.

God in my excuse as relief ... (By David Psalter)
Ο Θεός εις την βοήθειάν μου πρόσχες ...(Από ψαλτήρι Δαϋιδ)

Visit the                                                           for more daily readings, hymns, a monthly calendar of saints and feasts, and more.


In praise, O Mother panymnite because the holiness and virtues you stood, thou alone worthy births the God-man our Lord and Savior.

In worship, Mary full of grace, because by Thy only begotten Son, bridged the divide sky and land, and Council by becoming the Mother of God, became the scale, switched from the earth to heaven.


In anymno, Virgin Daughter, because by being the lily of chastity and virginity gave us the example of pure and holy life.

Thank you, Agni Mitroparthene because standing all needs loving mother and become our protection and shelter and assistance in all difficult circumstances of our lives. Our gratitude throughout Sou belongs.

Thank you, but Please, I beg you from the bottom of my soul, holy Mother, Virgin:

Saves, Theocharitote, my soul and life of every temptation and sin.

Protect our nation from the threats of evil men and wicked nations and wait always the advocate General to Sponsor victory, security, peace, freedom.

Help, my Lady, all the poor, the sick, our enslaved brothers, the contestants for their freedom, saves wronged, led sinners to repentance. For all of us, called the mercy of Your Only Begotten Son, our Redeemer, to have secured our salvation.

Our Lady, after God and our Lord, Thou art our hope, our refuge, our protection. Do not abandon us.

Psalm XTH '(69)


God in my excuse as relief, Lord, in voithisai me rush. Aischynthitosan and entrapitosan the seekers my soul. Apostrafitosan at the rear, and the stuffy kataischynthitosan me bad. Apostrafitosan paraftika aischynomenoi, which say to me: Well done, well done.

Agalliasthosan and effranthitosan for thee, all that were seekers in God. And legetosan forever. Megalynthito the Lord, the loving Thy salvation. I am not poor and pauper, God, help me. My assistant and I rystis if Thou sir, not timing.


Ψαλμός ΞΘ' (69)


Ο Θεός εις την βοήθειάν μου πρόσχες, Κύριε, εις το βοηθήσαι μοι σπεύσον. Αισχυνθήτωσαν και εντραπήτωσαν οι ζητούντες την ψυχήν μου. Αποστραφήτωσαν εις τα οπίσω, και καταισχυνθήτωσαν οι βουλόμενοί μοι κακά. Αποστραφήτωσαν παραυτίκα αισχυνόμενοι, οι λέγοντές μοι: Εύγε, εύγε. 

Αγαλλιάσθωσαν και ευφρανθήτωσαν επί Σοί, πάντες οι ζητούντες σε, ο Θεός. Και λεγέτωσαν δια παντός. Μεγαλυνθήτω ο Κύριος, οι αγαπώντες το σωτήριόν Σου. Εγώ δε πτωχός ειμί και πένης, ο Θεός, βοήθησόν μοι. Βοηθός μου, και ρύστης μου ει Συ, κύριε, μη χρονίσης.

Προσευχή στον Αρχάγγελο Μιχαήλ












Άγιε Μιχαήλ Αρχάγγελε,
υπεράσπισέ μας την ημέρα της μάχης,
γίνε ο φρουρός μας ενάντια στην κακία
και τις παγίδες του διαβόλου.


Ο Θεός ας τον επιτιμήσει,
παρακαλούμε ταπεινά, και κάνε Εσύ,
Πρίγκιπα της Επουρανίου Στρατιάς,
με τη δύναμη του Θεού,

να κατακρημνιστεί στην κόλαση ο διάβολος
και όλα τα πονηρά πνεύματα
που περιφέρονται στον κόσμο,
αναζητώντας τον όλεθρο των ψυχών.


The future of Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

The future of our Church is very important to us! Our future location will be on Bethman road in Bethlehem Township, PA. Until then, we hope to see you at our Easton location!

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